DJI Inspire 1 Drone Review

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DJI Inspire 1 was hailed as the perfect drone when it was released back in 2015, and some say it may still be the perfect one. This may be because of the different range of features it possesses. Drones are being applied to many different situations and this new model is no stranger to different situations. Its applications include aerial photography and professional shooting, and onlookers love it when it graciously hovers above them due to its well-made structure and style. Here are some specifications and features of this aerial beauty:


This model has been known for its stability and easy controls. It comes with white color remote control complete with a smartphone holder (used for GPS tracking and camera). The addition of a smartphone on the remote control makes this device excessively good at flight maneuverability, flight range, and flight controls.


As mentioned above, this one comes with a nice placeholder for attaching a smartphone for perfect navigation and controlling of the drone. It has a camera of incredible proportions as its Zenmuse camera system with a DJI branded 15mm f/1.7 lens is capable of recording a video at 4K high definition graphics. To power it up it has a powerful battery and motor, which can keep the thing afloat mid-air for 15,000 feet and for at least 18 minutes (more if you are willing to go for a bigger battery).


The price packs a punch, as no regular Joe can get this one at its basic price of $4500. When a thing looks like a fighter jet, has an actual engine and some professional level photography rig, then this price is doing justice to the thing. It’s akin to a rich man’s toy unless you have a sum of $4500 lying around just idle in your house, then there is no stopping you from buying this piece of incredible machinery.

What are others are saying about this machine:

Reviews are obviously positive about this drone, and even the new reviews coming up until now, are also positive. This machine also has a fan following and is considered celebrity of its own kind. It may be the Ferrari of the drone market so no wonder the price is high and the machine is considered exclusive and prestigious. Price is the point of hang up for many in the reviews on the internet but what can you do about when a machine is as exclusive as it can get.  

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