Parrot Bebop 2 Drone Review

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Parrot Bebop is a new addition to the market of drones, and drone users are scrambling to get this one in their fleet. This new one has been packing some nice features, which may or may not be on other drones of similar shape and size. People are in love with aerial photography, and have been using drones to do it. This is why there has been a huge explosion in popularity of drones. One of the newest models that are flying around the market nowadays is Parrot Bebop 2, so let’s get into what specifications and features it has:


This drone is flown through a controller in user’s smartphone. The controls are a little intricate and difficult to get used to. The controller on the smartphone may be making it mostly ubiquitous but also makes it completely dependent on the software that is installed on the phone.


As suggestive of many of the other reviews of this device on the internet, it looks like the signals of wifi or any other form of connectivity (like Mobile Data) frequently drops. This makes the device especially dangerous due to mid-air collisions and crash landings because of the sudden loss of control and connectivity.


Parrot Bebop 2 does have some things when it comes to its extensive features. It has got 1080p HD Camera of 14 megapixels, which is a capable camera for any device and perfect for aerial photography. The battery is an improvement over its predecessor and runs for longer than before. It has got incredibly powerful lens, which end the need for a second camera. Other than this it has not much as in the price range of this device, there are not a lot of features added to this machine.


It is marketed as a starter drone for people who are new to this drone business, therefore the price is capped at $400. This makes the device far more affordable than others of similar type, making it a nice catch for beginners.

What are others saying:

The same claim of bad connectivity has been seen on many other reviews on the internet. It seems people do like it for its price but the bad connection might be a deal breaker for some. People who do like it, do have fun and say that at this price it is as good as it gets.

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